Our Mission

To provide Israeli children with an art education matching
that enjoyed by their peers living in the world's cultural centers

Learning Exhibitions

At the core of ARTIS's concept are exhibitions of art masterpieces presented in photography reproductions that 
aim to introduce children to the world's cultural heritage, to teach them how art is related to other aspects of their life and to inspire their own creativity.

Such exhibitions travel around the country with a focus 
on peripheral communities. They are mounted in libraries, community centers, and schools, creating  their own space using design elements to evoke a true museum-like atmosphere. 

Each traveling exhibition is accompanied by the guided tour programs for children of different ages, and by the multilingual catalogue for whole family visits.
 Another venue for learning exhibitions is the identically named section on ARTIS's website.

The Journey in the World of Art

The Journey in the World of Art is a series of lectures for kindergarten children.
In order to maintain their attention and interest in the continuation of the whole meeting, each meeting is divided into several parts:
a story-telling with a presentation of artworks, group talks, games, and finally a workshop. 

Art Exhibitions by Contemporary Artists

Section Gallery on ARTIS's website displays the exhibitions by contemporary artists who support our project. This digital art collection is continuously growing.