Informal association of volunteers

ARTIS is an informal non-commercial association of volunteers that aims to promote education through art for Israeli children. The members of ARTIS share a belief that culture and art should become part of the personal development of every child.

The organization was established in 2007 as amuta ARTIS - The Israeli Society for Education through Art. It was registered by the Israeli Authority of Non-Profit Organizations and has been granted Clean Performance status.  ARTIS has not enjoyed a support from the Government or any financial foundation. 

While the Netherland Embassy supported the display of our first traveling exhibition, the major support for the most crucial needs came from the volunteers and the generous donations from ordinary individuals.

Volunteers:  Ilana Barnea, Refael Bayer, Joseph Bedell, Aviva Ben Horin, Noga Boldor,Valentina Boyko, Vladimir Boyko, Jannis Cappon, Moshe Cenciper, Dory Cwikel, Michael Cwikel, Marina Dushenat, Idan EfroniTali Galsky, Nina HakakAssi Hirshfeld,  Irena Hlabinin, Revital Lavy, Moshe Licht, Ora Margolin, Shoshana MichkinMichal Mishar-Drozner, Keren Nizan, Orit Pinhas-Hamiel, Bella SavitskyKerstin Scharnweber, Yayel Shahar, Dafna Shamir, Pinhas ShamirAlexander Shlesman, Nir YonaBaruch Velan, Thierry ZaidnerArnona Ziv, Abby Junge

Donors: Nava and Moshe Cenciper, Valentina and Vladimir Boyko, Debbi and Thierry Zajdner, Dory and Michael Cwikel, Marie Duzi, Aviva and Mordechai Ben Horin, Frida and Moshe Gantz, Galina and Alexander Dadiomov, Irena Hlabinin, Noga and Jonathan Leor, Nurit and Mordechai M., Ruhana and Baruch Berliner, Idan Efroni, Nataly and Alfred Brosh, The Netherlands Embassy in Israel,   RindOptics, Danit and Amos Rind, Liat and Ido Schwarz, Reuven Barkan, Nir Erlich, ARTIS friends from Sheba Medical Center, Dvora and Haim Rabayov, Evgenia and Joseph RaiskinHaim Frydman, Marina Dushenat, Ilia Novikov,  Joris Michaeli, Mark Goldberg, Irina Serebrovsky, Mark Temkin, Yekaterina Podoltseva, Elizabeth ShirokovShoshana Mishkin, Dolly Fahri-Cohen, Ora Maor, Shifra Ben-Aharon, Ahuva Abulafia, Yona Schley, Giora Kaplan

Donations in memory of: Nina Anihanov, Feiga and  Wolf Blindman, Gusta Brind, Sarah Ozeri, Boris RayskinRose and Hertzel ReichsteinAlexander Schlesman 

Nowadays, ARTIS focuses on online activities introducing the website visitors to constantly updated learning exhibitions and exhibitions by the contemporary artists. 

In December 2018, ARTIS has ceased its activities as the amuta and continues functioning as the informal non-commercial association of volunteers. 

ppCall for Cooperation

The ARTIS team is ready to share its experience and know-how with any non-profit or commercial body which is interested in children's cultural education in Israel. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please contact:



Traveling Exhibitions. During 2007 - 2018 years,  ARTIS has developed two learning exhibitions. Exhibition Shalom Meneer Van Gogh was displayed three times for communities in Negev, Galilee, and the Dan Region.

The first display of the exhibition took place in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. It was opened in the presence of Israel’s Minister of Culture and the Ambassador of the Netherlands.

Since then about six thousand children from differen parts of Israel visited this traveling exhibition in guided tours. A vast majority of them had never previously been in art museums, and had never heard of Vincent van Gogh.

Art exhibitions traveling through Israel is an important cultural development for artistic education of children… You leave the exhibition enriched with images, colors, emotions and artistic openness. Journey into a museum - a precious moment of relaxation, recommended for parents and children...   
      - Dr. Michele Ben Said, Ashdod

A good combination of paintings and explanations, which help better understand the art works. Such exhibitions leave a desire for more...
            - Revital Lavy, Hof Ashkelon Regional Council

The ARTIS exhibition was an unprecedented and spectacular event of great educational importance for our town’s cultural life...
  Dr. Husam Massalha, Kafr Qara

The children themselves, previously trained by ARTIS, guided the organized tours for school children and whole family visits. It was a great educational and culture event for both children and adults...
     - Assi Hirshfeld, Kiryat Ono

The Journey in the World of Art
. More than ten lectures
from series The Journey in  the World of Art were conducted for school-children and  for groups of children in kindergartens in Hof Ashkelon, Hod Hasharon, Ramat Gan, Jaffo.

The children happily participated. They were active both during the presentations and the discussions that followed. They also adored a part dedicated to their own creative work on the theme at the end of each meeting...

he children really enjoyed these events and undoubtedly benefited from them. They were introduced to the content that is usually inaccessible to them, that boardens their horizons and develops their imagination and creativity...
          - Hanna Shani, Jaffa, Yad Be Yad kindergarten