This is the first learning exhibition launched in 2009. The word 'Meneer' ('Mister' in Dutch) in the title is a token of our gratitude to the Netherlands Embassy in Israel for the generous support of development of this exhibition.

Vincent van Gogh was Dutch. Although, the artist lived at the end of 19-th century, his works still inspire innumerable art lovers around the world. Vincent's creative life was ten years only, however, his artistic legacy is extremely rich: about 2,000 paintings and drawings.

While in Israeli museums you can see only three works of Vincent van Gogh, this exhibition presents you with more than 30 pivotal artist's paintings from the museums around the world. The exhibits are accompanied with short texts telling you about the artist and how these paintings were created. In many cases, the texts include the comments made by Vincent himself from the letters to his brother Theo.

The learning exhibition ANIMALS IN ART was developed in 2012-15. It introduces  visitors to the works of ten artists from the Renaissance to the present. While each of them has his unique style, these artists represent prime examples of prominent art movements. The exhibition takes the visitors to an exciting journey into the history of art.

People have depicted animals since the dawn of time. Early humans decorated the walls of their caves with drawings of horses, bulls, deer and birds. Animals are a popular subject for paintings, drawings, sculptures for artists at all epochs. Animal images are also a favorite theme of children’s creativity. This exhibition is about art and about animals. The role of nature in art and our lives is its dominant theme.