The artist's family immigrated to Palestine from Yemen when she was two years old. Sarah's dream since her school days, was to study art. Hovewer, Israel's War of Independence broke out soon after she graduated from high school and she volunteered to serve in the Haganah.

Sarah later married her wartime mate and in following years raised their kids, while sculpting and painting in her free time. Sarah often joined her husband on business trips abroad and thus became a connoisseur of European art museums. The family also traveled a lot around the country, and the nature of Israel became her other passion.

When the children left home, Sarah decided to fulfill her dream and enrolled in the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv.
The city's streets, scenes of Jaffa port, Galilee landscapes, and still lifesbecame the subjects of her watercolors.

Sarah Ozeri  exhibited regularly at the Avni Institute and in the House of Artists in Tel Aviv. She participated in the 1989 exhibition of Israeli artists in the city's Shalom Tower, and in 1992 held a personal exhibition at Tel Aviv's Emanuel House.