Yona Schley was born and raised in Israel. He studied Photography and Art at the University of Southern California - UCLA and after graduation returned to Israel. The artist lives in the town of Zoran and has a photography and printmaking studio in Ramat Gan.

Yona Schley believes that photography presents a unique opportunity to immortalize rare moments in life. He focuses on sharp reflections of lightning in a drop of water, on light bursts into the darkness, and joyfully mixes sorrow with happiness in a single shot. The major subjects of his photography are the nature of the Land of Israel, architecture, and reproductions of artworks.  

Schley was awarded the Photographer of the Year 1973 prize at Orange County, Califormia, and the Photographer of the Year 1983 prize by the Association of Israeli Photographers. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Caesarea, and Ashdod. His solo exhibition took place at 1976 in the Press House, Tel Aviv . 
Yona worked on several projects with other Israeli artists. 
The present show is a result of his collaboration with  Irit Herzog, a dancer and rehearsal director for the Inbal Dance Company. His images depict the suppleness of a dancer in the abstract by utilizing strong contrasts and inverted imaging of black and white photography. He deliberately hides secondary details to focus the viewer's attention on the choreography, thus illustrating the beauty and magic of modern dance. The Israeli stage producer and writer Aaron Herzog wrote about this project:

Irit fully submitted herself to the photographer's lens, and Yona perfectly succeeded to depict the artistic expressions in her movements, and to reflect the depth of the choreography and the power of her dance.

Irit Herzog
lost her life in a tragic traffic accident, and Yona Schley dedicates this digital exhibition at the ARTIS's Gallery to her memory.