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The exhibition was developed thanks to the generosity of private donors and the support of The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Israel.

Vincent van Gogh in Israel!

While in Israeli museums you can see only three original works of the great Dutch painter, we invite you to an unprecedented exhibition of more than 30 masterpieces from all major periods of his creative life. The exhibition comprises carefully selected reproductions from world famous art collections:

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo

The National Gallery, London

The Courtauld Institute Galleries, London

Musée dOrsay, Paris

Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Museum of Modern Art, New York

The word Meneer (Mister in Dutch) in the title is a token of our gratitude to the Netherlands Embassy in Israel, which supported the development of the exhibition.

The quality reproductions expertly capture the vivid colors and exceptional details of the original works and are close to life size. They are mounted on elaborate frames to convey a museum atmosphere to visitors.

Homage to Vincent

The section titled Homage to Vincent includes photography works by Israeli artists, which are presented partially through framed art prints and partially in the multimedia format.

Sunflower on the Roof by Refael Bayer

Childrens Creations

The section Childrens Creations presents works inspired in response to the exhibition: drawings and paintings from children in Jerusalem, Kibbutz Carmia, Kafr Qara, and Kiryat Ono. New works are added to this section after each run of the exhibition. Childrens Creations are presented in the multimedia format.

Irises by the group of children from the kindergarten in kibbutz Carmia
in response to the exhibition visit

Guided Tours for Children

Methodology materials for family visits and children of different ages accompany the exhibition. Local guides trained by ARTIS conduct the organized visits by kindergarten and school groups.

The Catalog

The exhibition catalog has versions in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian. Its purpose is to guide individual visitors through the show. Each page in the catalog refers to one of the displayed paintings. Going through the catalog page by page as they stand next to the exhibits, visitors learn about the artists works and his creative life. This book was produced in conjunction with the exhibition, but can be also used in schools in connection with other themes. The material aims to inspire the readers curiosity and a closer understanding of Van Goghs oeuvre.

Click here to read the exhibition Catalog

The exhibitions details:

               Framed art prints - 33

               Photographs about 30

               Exhibition stands - 28

               PC required 1 or 2

               Display period 1 month

               The exhibition Catalog - in digital format

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exhibition runs:

2012/05, Kiryat Ono

The exhibition display in the Municipal Library of Kiryat Ono. More than 3,000 visitors. The exhibition run was provided in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultures Israel Center for Libraries and supported by donation from Bank Yegud.

2011/05, Kafr Qara

The exhibition display in the high school in the Arab town of Kafr Qara. Guided tours for students and city residents. About 2,000 visitors in two weeks.

2009/09 2010/01, Hof Ashkelon

First run of the exhibition took place in the Regional Library of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. 1,000 1,500 visitors. Guided tours for kindergarten and school children. The exhibition run was provided in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultures Israel Center for Libraries

Book the exhibition for your community

ARTIS will be delighted to bring the Traveling Childrens Museum to your community - anywhere in the country. Provide your children with an exciting educational and entertaining event. Please contact us for details and arrangements.

The display of the exhibition in public libraries throughout Israel is conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultures Israeli Center for Libraries




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