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The exhibition was developed thanks to the generous donations from Nava and Moshe Cenciper, Dory and Michael Cwikel, Valentina and Vladimir Boyko, Debby and Thierry Zajdner, Evgenia and Joseph Rayslin (Russia), Lena Proskura. The list of volunteers is presented in the exhibition catalog.


The exhibition introduces visitors to masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, George Stubbs, Eugène Delacroix, Henri Rousseau, Franz Marc, Mark Chagall, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol.

The quality reproductions expertly capture the vivid colors and exceptional details of the original masterpieces. They are mounted on elaborate frames to convey a museum atmosphere.

Visitors are introduced to a variety of techniques used by artists: drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography and multimedia.

The exhibition also includes original works of contemporary Israeli and international animalist artists. Vincent Bouillat, a French artist whose works are included in the collections of several museums, presents three of his animal sculptures.

The exhibition engages visitors in a dialogue about the artists, their lives and the stories behind their creations. What motivates artists to paint and sculpt animals? To better understand and enjoy the genre, children are invited to a thrilling journey into the history of animalism from the Renaissance to present-day art.

The educational programs cover a wide range of issues, such as: the role of animals in human life, imagination and creativity, artistic styles and forms, the secrets of naturalistic and abstract imaging, the power and magic of color, artistic expression and emotions, geography and the beauty of the animal world. The leitmotif of this educational exhibition is Art and Nature in Our Lives.

The Photography section exhibits works on the theme by Israeli photographers. The Childrens Creations section displays selected works of our minor visitors.

Guided Tours for Children

Methodology materials for family visits and children of different ages accompany the exhibition. Local guides trained by ARTIS conduct the organized visits by kindergarten and school groups.

The Catalog

The exhibition catalog has versions in Hebrew, English and Russian. Its purpose is to guide individual visitors through the show. Each page in the catalog refers to one of the displayed exhibits. Going through the catalog page by page as they stand next to the exhibits, visitors learn about the art works and their creators. The material aims to inspire the readers curiosity and a closer understanding of the exhibited art works.

Click here to review the catalog

The exhibitions details

         Framed art prints - 50

         Sculptures 3

         Photography - multimedia format

         Children creations - multimedia format

         Exhibition stands - 28

         PC required 1 or 2

         Display period 1 month

         The exhibition Catalog - in digital format


To complete the exhibition development we need additional recourses of about 10,0 NIS for framing the exhibits and printing the exhibition posters.

Our core activities depend on donations. We will be honored to count you among ARTIS supporters. Every donation, large or small, makes a real difference to us and helps us continue providing cultural education to thousands of children (more)

Book the exhibition for your community

ARTIS will be delighted to bring the Traveling Childrens Museum to your community - anywhere in the country. Provide your children with an exciting educational and entertaining event. Please contact us for details and arrangements.

The display of the exhibition in public libraries throughout Israel is conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultures Israeli Center for Libraries





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