Refael Bayer: MY TEL AVIV
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Launched in 2009, this show presents a selection of works by the Israeli photographer Refael Bayer dedicated to Tel Avivs centennial. Magic moments captured by Bayers photography reflect the special character and spirit of the city, its architecture, its street life, and most of all, its people.

Working with the artist on this exhibition took me in an unforeseen direction. When visiting European countries in recent years, I noticed that newspapers and TV programs carried pictures of beautiful scenery and happy people from all over the world, whereas most of the images from Israel were disturbing and of a military nature. Talking to people during those visits, I understood that most of them rely on the mass media for their information about Israel, and thus get a distorted picture of our country. People who have never visited Israel have no idea of what life here is like. Thus, showing photographs that capture todays images of Tel Aviv for international audiences is yet another benefit of this exhibition.

Born in Israel in 1964, Refael Bayer graduated from the Kiryat Ono College of Photography in 1992. For eight years he worked in industrial photography for a living, but all the while felt that his true vocation was art. He left his work in the advertising industry in 1999, and completely dedicated himself to the art of photography. Refael Bayer lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Vladimir Boyko, curator


1998 Art photography competition The Olive Tree, Halman Museum Gallery, Haifa. Winner of the first prize.

2000 Solo exhibition The Jerusalem Syndrome, Jewish Center, Budapest

2007 Solo exhibition, Gross Gallery, Dizingoff Center, Tel Aviv

2008 Solo exhibition, Gal-On Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008 Group exhibition Yaffo in Photography, Haroba Gallery, Old Yaffo

2008 Art photography group exhibition, Beit Haitonaim, Tel Aviv

2009 Solo exhibition, Homage to Vincent, within the ARTIS educational exhibition Shalom Meneer Van Gogh

To get better acquainted with the artist and his personality, we posed him a series of questions inspired by the famous Marcel Proust questionnaire:

Your favorite qualities in a person: Creativity, humor, honesty, courage

Qualities you dislike or hate: Jealousy, cowardice

Qualities you would like to possess: More strength and energy to bring out the best in me

Favorite occupation: Photography, farming

If not yourself, who would you like to be: No one

Favorite food and drink: Hummus, water, and coffee

Where would you like to live: Jerusalem

Favorite artists: Van Gogh, Modigliani, Andy Warhol, Man Ray, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Favorite musicians: Bach, Albinoni, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen

Favorite writers: Pinchas Sadeh, Leo Tolstoy, Emile Zola, Guy de Maupassant

Sounds you like: Sea waves and silence

Sounds you dislike: Whirring of electric machines

Favorite color:  Sky blue

With which animal can you associate yourself: Cat

Your idea of happiness: A small house and a lot of love

Your favorite motto: You are on earth to live, so listen to your heart and feel the joy and pain of life


Rothschild Boulevard, 2008
ARTIS collection

Empty Chairs, 2006

Sirkin Street, 2008

The Old Couple, 2007
ARTIS collection

Morning News, 2008

Street Cafe, 2007

Morning News, 2008

In the Old Port, 2007
ARTIS collection

The Family, 2008

Ibn Gvirol Street, 2009

The Viewers, 2009

The Birdman, 2008

Rainy Day, 2006

Israel Izenman in His Office, 2008

Solitude, 2006

Street Dance, 2009

Dancing, 2009

Street Musician, 2009

The Boy, 2007
ARTIS collection

The Secret, 2008
ARTIS collection

The Young Artist, 2006

Father and Son, 2007

The Future Officers, 2008
ARTIS collection

Portrait of Gideon Spiro, 2007

Shalom, 2008



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