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The members of ARTIS management team come from different professional backgrounds: educators, scientists, artists, and businessmen. All of us share a love for the arts and a belief in the importance of cultural education for the well being and the future of our society. All amuta members are volunteers.

Aviva Ben Horin

Dr. Dory Cwikel

Dr. Idan Efroni
Rehovot, New York

Thierry Zaidner

Mordehai Ben Horin

Moshe Cenciper

Valentina Boyko
Kiryat Ono

Shoshana Michkin
Linguistic adviser,

Nir Yona
High-tech professional,
Tel Aviv



Dr. Vladimir Boyko
Artist and Educator,
Kiryat Ono





Alexander Shlesman, Ashkelon

Arnona Ziv, Herzliya

Assi Hirshfeld, Kiryat Ono

Ayala Haaron, Kiryat Ono

Aviva Ben Horin, Savion

Daphna Shamir, Kiryat Ono

Dolly Farhi, Givataim

Dory Cwikel, Haifa

Idan Cenciper, Adanim

Idan Efroni, Rehovot, New York

Ilana Barnea, Kfar Saba

Irena Hlabinin, Hof Ashkelon Regional Council

Joe Bedell, USA

Haim Baliti, Kiryat Ono

Hanna-Lea Van Kleef, Modiin

Husam Massalha, Kafr Qara

Keren Nizan, Hod Hasharon

Kerstin Scharnweber, The Netherlands

Marina Dushenat, Tel Aviv

Michael Cwikel, Haifa

Michal Misher-Drozner, Tel Aviv

Miki Ziv, Herzliya

Mordehai Ben Horin, Savion

Moshe Cenciper, Adanim

Moshe Licht, Bnei Brak

Mustafa K., Kafr Qara

Nina Hakak, Ramat Gan

Nir Yona, Tel Aviv

Noga Laor, Givat Olga

Noga Boldor, Givat Shmuel

Oleg Yablonsky, Kiryat Ono

Ora Margolin, Hof Ashkelon Regional Council

Orit Baliti, Kiryat Ono

Pini Shamir, Kiryat Ono

Refael Bayer, Tel Aviv

Revital Lavia, Hof Ashkelon Regional Council

Shifra ben Haaron, Petah Tikva

Shoshana Michkin, Herzliya

Thierry Zeidner, Rishpon

Toby Shamir, Kiryat Ono

Valentina Boyko, Kiryat Ono

Vladimir Boyko, Kiryat Ono

Yael Shahar, Jerusalem

Yifat Pad, Tel Aviv


        Legal advice provided pro-bono by Adv. Keren Nizan

        Accounting services provided pro-bono by Moshe Licht, CPA

        The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Israel

        ICL The Israel Center for Libraries

Our Approach

CULTURE AND ART EDUCATION. We believe that cultural education is essential for the well-being of contemporary society, that it should no longer be a luxury reserved for a small elite, and that it must therefore become part of the personal development and everyday life of every child. We are convinced that culture and art education is critical for elevating the aesthetic, ethical, and moral standards of the society, and is a key component in the development of such personal values as:

        The ability to understand and enjoy art.

        Respect toward cultural heritage and humanistic values

        Tolerance of cultural diversity

        Critical thinking and social activism

        Creativity and self-expression

Focus on children. Although ARTIS aims to bring its services to Israelis of all ages, our initial focus is on children. We believe it is essential to introduce Israeli children to international art treasures as well as to works of contemporary Israeli artists.

Education as entertainment. ARTIS exhibitions touch upon diverse subjects: life stories of great artists, science and nature, religion and history. They introduce visitors to Israels cultural heritage and impart knowledge about other peoples living on the planet, their traditions and culture. Our exhibitions encourage children to learn how to understand and enjoy art works, and show them how art and culture can link with other subjects and with their own experiences.

As we develop ARTIS exhibitions and programs, our goal is to present art works in the form of entertainment, combining knowledge with fun and enjoyment, and inspiring curiosity and creativity. We never adopt a childish approach in our work. On the contrary, we address children as adults. Our purpose is to integrate them in the adult world, to prepare them for big museums, and to endow them with a great gift for the rest of their lives - love and appreciation of art and culture appreciation of art and culture.


ARTIS is open to new members. We welcome people who share our love for the arts and a belief in the importance of childrens cultural education for the future and the well being of our society.

We are looking for people who may assist in contacts with potential donors and exhibition hosts, public relations and marketing, Hebrew copyrighting, and, of course, our core activities - developing educational exhibitions, preparing material for family visits and guided tours, and maintaining this multilingual website.  





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